Custom Jobs


If you need a customer job done that isn’t listed in the shop, please select this choice. 

What is covered:

Anything that would need to be done in person

We can custom build you a new PC, water cooled PC, mining rig, server, media center, or NAS

Printer Repairs

New network setups

Gaming console repairs

New data drops throughout homes and businesses

Operating system upgrades or reinstallations

Hard drive data recovery

Data destruction/disk wiping

Hardware replacements, upgrades, and repairs

Hardware troubleshooting

Smart phone/tablet repair and restoration

Malware removal for tablets/smart phones


If you need something in this list done, please call us during business hours, email us, or book an appointment using our booking form.

If something is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form. We cover many things that are not listed.